Perfect with headphones

You are walking on the street listening to music and you receive a text message. The volume of your music player gets automatically reduced and you can hear the contents of the message. Once Voice Alerts finished speaking the alert, you can continue enjoying your music without having to take your phone out of the pocket.

Secure login

Voice Alerts uses OAUTH, an open standard for authorization. It is the best way to give Voice Alerts Read-Only permission to access your social interactions on Facebook or Twitter and your email on Gmail. This way you do not need to reveal your password.

5 Languages

Voice Alerts speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. It also identifies in which language the text is and pronounces it with the corresponding accent. Magnifique!


SMS or Email. Everytime you receive a message, voice alerts will tell you who sent it and the content. You can configure what has to be read. Voice Alerts even recognises SMS abbreviations and reads them out loud correctly.

Social networks

Are you active on Facebook or Twitter and want your messages to be read for you? No problem. With your permission, Voice Alerts takes care of your social interactions. Be it Twitter messages, Facebook wall posts and many more. All without having to look at the screen of your phone.

Calendar integration

Voice Alerts informs you when an event in your calendar is about to take place. Do not miss an appointment anymore!

Shake to stop

If you do not want to hear a message being announced, just shake your phone and Voice Alerts will stay quiet.

Battery, Time, and much more

Voice Alerts alerts you when your battery is running low, when an open wifi network has been detected or even tells you the time.


Voice alerts is a FREE application available on Google Play

It offers lots of useful functionalities but also gives you the opportunity to get more through in-app purchases.

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  • Enable and configure alerts

    The very first thing you'll want to do once you install Voice Alerts is to go to the General Settings. There you will be able to configure several options such as show a notification on the top bar or enable the shake to stop feature. After doing this you should enable and configure the different alert types. Swipe right to the Configure Alerts section and discover the available alerts.

    In order to enable the alerts you have to tap on the check mark, which gives you the possibility to open the settings of that alert by tapping the configure button. There you will find all the possibilities for each type of alert. Go ahead and explore all the sections to get an idea what each alert can do.

  • The registry

    This is the place where your received social messages, SMS, Emails or Calendar entries get listed. This allows you to make Voice Alerts read them for you out loud any time you want. Old messages will be automatically removed to reduce memory consumption.

    You can also delete stored alerts manually by clicking the button. By tapping it you have also the possibility to delete all at once.

  • Purchase more alerts

    Voice Alerts' functionalities can be extended by purchasing more alert types. For that, swipe to the Get more alerts tab and see what is possible. If you find any of the extensions interesting, you can tap on the Purchase button and added it to the list of Alerts you can use.

    Of course, once you purchase one alert, you will get all the updates and new functionalities implemented afterwards

  • Download new voice packages

    Did you already know the Text-To-Speech functionality of your android phone? It is built in the system and makes this application possible. The amazing thing is that extra voice packages can be downloaded in order to improve how the messages are being read out loud.

    You can go to your phone's settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output > Engine settings > Install voice data and see which packages are available for the different languages. Downloading them will make Voice Alerts even better.

Future releases

Decide what functionalities should be implemented next

Voice Alerts will be regularly updated with new Alerts types, there are many possibilities and we want you to tell us what you would like to have. For that, you can give us your opinion filling out this poll, or sending us an email.

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Help translating

Contribute translating Voice Alerts to your language

We are expecting to translate Voice Alerts to many other languages and you can also help us with this.

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Help us improving Voice Alerts and be the first receiving new functionalities.

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